Abbadia Pictures

Figure 1: The Château d’Abbadia by E.-E. Viollet-le-Duc and E. Duthoit (C. Rebière-Balloïde Photo)



Figure 2: The Arabian lounge (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 3: The Lounge (Photoclub Hendayais/Ben)



Figure 4: The Ethiopian paintings in the Hallway (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 5: The Chapel (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 6: The room of the Tower (Photoclub Hendayais/Ben)



Figure 7: The Observatory (Viviane Delpech)



Figures 8 & 9: Antoine d'Abbadie and Virginie d'Abbadie (Abbadia-Académie des Sciences)




Figure 10: The stained glass windows in the Hallway (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 11: The Room of Honour (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 12: Sculpted bestiary at the entrance porch (Viviane Delpech)


















Figure 13: The Abbadia Estate from the air, looking southward (C. Rebière-Balloïde Photo)



Figure 14: The Aragorri farmhouse on the Abbadia Estate (Photoclub Hendayais/Ben)



Figure 15: Psalm 19 inscribed on the wall of the Observatory ((Photoclub Hendayais/Ben)



Figure 16: Vincent de Saint-Bonnet's coat of arms (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 17: The dungeon and the roofs of the Castle, dominated by the Rhune mountain. (C. Rebière-Balloïde)



Figure 18: Inscription in the Room of Honour: 'Do not throw a stone into the well from which you drink water' (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 19: Chimney of the Room of the Tower (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 20: Painted decoration in the Room of the Tower (Viviane Delpech)



Figure 21: Stained glass windows in The Chapel (Viviane Delpech)

















Figure 22: Detail of the Ethiopian Paintings



Figure 23: Abbadia's Observatory at the beginning of the twentieth century (Private Collection)




















Figure 24: The Château d'Abbadia from a wood in its estate, 1904 (Postcard, Private Collection).