About Us

Welcome to, the new press at Strawberry Hill, London.

Otranto aims to publish the best current research in the Arts and Humanities, in a completely new way that will redefine the standard in academic publishing. We work on the following principles:

  • All texts are free to access for everyone.
  • Authors are treated with respect; the review and publication process works quickly, and contributors' work remains theirs to do as they wish with even once published. Authors and other contribuotrs will also be paid on a profit-sharing basis.
  • Content is dynamic and interactive; readers can choose how they wish to view texts, and can make comments on what they read for the benefit of the scholarly community.
  • All editorial material is strenuously peer-reviewed, and the distiniction between peer-reviewed editorial content and reader-generated comments rigorously maintained.

If you've any questions about what we're doing, or suggestions for contributions, please contact Peter Howell on, or at: St. Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill, London TW1 4SX.